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I'm a nerdy 13-year-old who likes computers and is interested in simple web,
application, and game development with a bit of chiptune composing on the side.
I've been diagnosed with Asperger's and am a bit awkward around actual human
beings at times, but I love posting a heap of information here instead.
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Medio - Front-end dev for an (hopefully!) upcoming media sharing site.

http://segostaurus.x10host.com/jsoldtube - An old (and short-lived) "YouTube
mock" player.
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__POST #2: The history of my early internet presence..._________________________

Now, instead of taking the middle of my childhood to just appreciate not having
to deal with middle school and actual responsibilities, I decided to something a
bit different... I made YouTube videos. Nothing good, mind you. I literally
unironically made fucking GoAnimate videos and even got my dad to get me GoPlus
back in the days when it existed and GoAnimate was actually aimed at a variety
of audiences outside of education and business... though that's probably a very,
VERY good change. God, GoAnimate was shit, yet for me it also was THE shit.
Hell, I had to use "GoCoins" or whatever they were to create characters in my
early months of GoAnimate and seemed fine to help keep such a shitty community
running with the power of my dad using his credit card on my GoAnimate account.
Sorry, dad. Aside from those absolute cringeworthy trainwrecks, I also made some
shitty iMovie videos on the shiny new Macbook Pro our family was wxpected to use
more than they actually did, even though my Dad got one of, if not the
top-of-the-line model in late 2013, and it still runs great to this day... but
I'm not really here to talk about those videos, since at this point they're
long, long gone. I liked creating multiple YouTube accounts back in the day for
whatever reason and always migrated channels, usually deleting the old ones in
the process. Whether that was a mistake to do or not depends on if you're 
looking for quality content or an 11-or-so-year-old's attempt at quality
    My first real YouTube channel that I stuck on to for more than a year was
probably DrewToons. Surprisingly enough, a YouTube channel you've probably never
heard called "Eddsworld" or something (it's sarcasm, their videos are fucking
great) inspired me to begin my interest in making animations in mid 2014, and I
distinctly remember watching Eddsworld at that time for the first time ever at
my dad's ex-wife's (He was divorced at the time) parent's house (I think?) in
New Jersey. We went to New York and everything, but I mostly remember watching
Eddsworld on my iPod Touch inside the office room me and my brother slept in
for about a week with other little kids inside the other upstairs bedrooms. I
created the channel DrewToons around late August 2014, right before school began
for me. I made some animation tests with the shiny new Wacom Intuos my dad got
me (Which got a crack while in storage, Rest In Peace...) and soon went on to 
create a DeviantArt account later that year. I started to actually gain some
followers after a few months, with about twenty or so subscribers at some point
(I know, shut up) with me growing at a pretty steady pace. In early-to-mid-2015,
I started production on an idea I had for months at the time... Gravity Rangers.
This is the primary reason I'm writing this extremely long blog post right now,
as most of the two-episode show has been lost since I deleted the DrewToons
channel around mid 2015 and deleted my account on the Macbook (Complete with
losing my no-longer-accessible copy of ToonBoom Studio 8.1 since I got my
account suspended for presumably using a disposable E-Mail or something like
that, don't really know why) which leaves Gravity Rangers and most of DrewToons
lost, possibly forever. I still have both my DeviantArt accounts up, and I've
just finished downloading all the art I could find on those accounts. I found
the old Gravity Rangers intro, but the rest of the animated series (There are
eight comic strips on my DeviantArt account) remains lost. It's quite a shame,
since I put quite a bit of work into those two episodes and got around 100
views on both videos, which was pretty damn amazing for the young, prepubecent
    ...after the DrewToons era, I made some more artwork on Instagram and such,
along with apparently being interested in literature at some point (That didn't
last long...) but soon faded out of cartoon existence as I dipped my fingers
into some more gaming-related YouTube channels, all of which really didn't keep
my attention for more than a few videos, sadly. Thankfully, some of those videos
were saved to an SD card, so I still have access to some of the past of my
early internet presence. Now, I live in a new town and my old best friend who
helped commentate some of the later videos I made in my gaming era is now moving
to Florida... after living in Michigan and knowing me since literally kinder-
fucking-garten. Even a friend I met early on in my animation-related trek on
cyberspace with an account named Crosh Vee hasn't been on his DeviantArt or
Twitter accounts since 2015 and deleted his YouTube channel, which leaves a
whole other stack of lost content! It's... actually pretty damn depressing, now
that I really think about it... but hopefully this extremely long blog post
doesn't make you too depressed; I'll hopefully see you guys and gals in a day
or two with another post on here. See ya!

__POST #1: Net Neutrality... and why it's important to keep.____________________
Well, here's my first post on this site... and it's quite a doozie. Buckle up
and get ready to read a long rant about the FCC and Ajit Pai's dastardly plans
to fuck the internet up for everyone who hates giving even more money to ISP's.

So, chances are that you've at least heard about the recent controversy
regarding Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality basically legally prevents your greedy
ISP's from putting certain sites or content in a "slow lane" or just plain
blocking access, which in return would probably result in lots of "packages" and
censorship. Even though  the current chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, seems to
believe that getting rid of the recently-implemented Net Neutrality rules would
help "restore" internet freedom (As the official FCC site states for their
December 14th Open Comission Meeting). Of course, this doesn't automatically
mean that no Net Neutrality will result in nation-wide cable-like packages for
the web, but we're talking about giving cable companies the ability to control
client's access to certain web content when it's used by millions of people on a
daily basis and gradually replacing the likes of cable TV and radio with
streaming services nowadays... of course they're going to milk the living hell
outta this lifting of Net Neutrality! All the nation-wide ISP's don't care about
your user experience, they care about your money. Want to access information
from the World Wide Web?... Good luck paying up the ass! Want to leave their
service?... Well, hopefully you didn't sign a contract or else you'll be paying
fees up the ass, too!
    Hell, Ajit Pai worked for Verizon. What do you expect from a corporate
mastermind when they get to help control the U.S.'s access to information? Well,
with the growth of the internet since the mid-'90s, it results in making the
internet the new cable TV. Mr. Pai is not our friend. Without Net Neutrality,
everything could be controlled by large million-dollarcorporations and your
service provider's addiction to making you pay more for certain content, which
likely won't "restore" internet freedom... we already have it! Even with the
overall somewhat toxic community that contaminates parts the web, those toxic
communities help you understand WHY people like the internet in the first place.
You're free to post anything the site you're posting to or laws allow you to
post. Large internet corporations and small websites ran by your average joe are
protesting against this proposed lifting of Net Neutrality from calling their
state's Congress members, to adding a script helping to promote saving
Net Neutrality, to setting up and joining protests outside verizon stores across
the nation, but if Net Neutrality's lifted by the FCC... well, expect more
payments from your ISP, just like why people are gradually moving away from
cable TV... we've almost gone full circle, and instead of fixing and learning
from the mistakes cable TV services made that drew users away from it, why not
just charge them with both expensive cable TV and expensive internet controlled
by corporations' money-making strategies? Great idea for the end user, isn't it?
The more money, the better!...

...Fuck you, FCC.

Stay tuned for more rants and updates which will (hopefully)
arrive in the near future.

Join the battle to save Net Neutrality at www.battleforthenet.com!